About Us

Our Company

Rowe Dynamics builds key components for industries that include: Aerospace, Defense, Medical, Automotive, Oil & Gas, Marine and the Firearms Industry - adding to its diverse experience with every job. We are a leader in advanced CNC production machining. From raw materials to final finishing we deliver complete machining solutions.

Behind these solutions you will find one guiding mission: To machine parts as if our own lives depended on maintaining the tightest tolerances and quality of our customer's product. To achieve this we are equipped with state-of-the-art CNC production machinery including 4 & 5 axis Makino a51nx and a61nx horizontal machining centers, Okuma U4000 multi-axis mill-turn capabilities. Our support equipment and cutting edge climate controlled quality control department provide greater precision more efficiently.

Rowe Dynamics Inc. provides manufacturing consulting services specifically designed to meet the needs of each individual customer. We use lean manufacturing techniques and a systematic approach to analyze and optimize the flow of information and materials. This helps us reduce waste and continually improve the manufacturing process.

Ultra Precision Machining Require Ultra High End facilities

Located in Pottstown, Pennsylvania, Rowe Dynamics’ facilities are specially designed and constructed for ultra-high end manufacturing and machining processes.

Our facilities is meticulously maintained and include special temperature and dust control systems ensuring the exact machining specifications of your components will be achieved.

Our quality control department employs top of the line filtration systems to eliminate dust and particles and our positive pressure airflow system and HVAC systems are able to maintain a room temperature within +/- 0.5 degrees to ensure the highest possible accuracy  during the inspection processes.

CNC Machining Success Using Lean Manufacturing Principals

Our climate controlled machining and quality control environment paired with our extremely skilled and talented staff combined with state-of-the-art industry leading equipment results in a CNC Machine Shop with an almost unfair advantage over our competition.

Beyond Rowe Dynamics facility having a climate controlled environment, we also have our extremely skilled, highly capable team and state-of-the-art, industry leading machines which allow us, and our customers to have the upper hand in today’s ultra competitive world market.

Our Lean Manufacturing is a systematic method for waste minimization within our manufacturing facility without sacrificing productivity. This lean process also takes into account waste created through overburden and waste created through unevenness in workloads. Working from the perspective of the client who consumes a product or service, "value" is any action or process that a customer would be willing to pay for.

Lean manufacturing makes obvious what adds value, by reducing everything else which is not adding value.


Our State-of-the-Art Equipment Includes

Our machinists are teamed up with the best of Japanese, German, Swiss and United States based companies to develop specially calibrated 4 & 5 axis horizontal machining centers and multi axis mill-turn lathes for your unique needs. Our engineers have worked with Makino in conjunction with KME CNC 5-Axis Systems, to integrate a specially developed 5 axis system capable of achieving unparalleled accuracies - precision calibrated and aligned to achieve absolute perfection. Aside from collaborative work with our employees, our equipment contributes to our success.

Our Equipment Includes:

  • 4 & 5 Axis Makino a51nx (2) and a61nx Horizontal Machining Centers
  • Eurotech Model B465SY2 11 - Axis Turning/Milling Center W/
    Sub-Spindle & (2) Y - Axis Live - Tooling Turret
  • Mitutoyo Crysta Apex C 574 Coordinate Measuring Machine
  • Deltronic DH216 16" Horizontal Bench-Top Comparator System
  • Cosen C-420NC Automatic Saw
  • Duel Source (CO2/Fiber) Epilog Laser system

We Manufacture Components For A Wide Range Of Industries

Aerospace CNC Machining

Aircraft and aerospace parts demand the highest precision and exacting accuracies. Depend on Rowe Dynamics to deliver components that meet or exceed your quality standards.

Defense CNC Machining

Rowe Dynamics provides unmatched 4 & 5 axis milling and multi-axis mill-turn lathe services. We are ITAR Registered and ensure that all project specifics are completely confidential.

Medical CNC Machining

Medical manufacturers choose Rowe Dynamics when they need to outsource complex 5-axis CNC services, create prototypes, or reduce manufacturing costs while improving product quality.

Firearms CNC Machining

Rowe Dynamics has CNC engineers that have extensive experience with components for use in the firearms industry. We have a Federal Firearms License (FFL) and an ITAR Registered Facility for industry compliance.