Quality Testing / Assurance

Quality Testing Assurance Services

Rowe Dynamics Inc. provides quality testing assurance which confirm that dimensional specifications and tolerances are met during the parts manufacturing and assembly processes.  Inspections are performed using our state-of-art Mitutoyo Crysta Apex C 574 Coordinate Measuring Machine and Deltronic DH216 16" Horizontal Bench-Top Comparator System.

Mitutoyo Crysta Apex C 574 Coordinate Measuring Machine

The Crysta-Apex S 574 is a high-accuracy CNC coordinate measuring machine that guarantees a maximum permissible error of *E0,MPE = (1.7+3L/1000)μm. Comparing the Crysta-Apex S 574 with CMMs offering *E0,MPE of approximately (2.5+4L/1000)µm where a required tolerance on a dimension is ±0.02 mm, then the measuring machine uncertainty should be no more than one-fifth (ideally one-tenth) of that, i.e. 4μm. This means that with a general-purpose CMM, when the measured length exceeds 14.8”(375mm), machine uncertainty exceeds one-fifth of the dimension tolerance in this case. In contrast, the Crysta-Apex S 574 measurement uncertainty remains within one-fifth of the dimension tolerance up to 30.2” (766mm). The higher accuracy specification of the Crysta-Apex S 574 therefore gives it more than double the effective measuring range in terms of accuracy-guarantee capability in this case.

Mitutoyo Crysta-Apex C 574
Mitutoyo CMM Crysta-Apex C 574

Deltronic DH216 Horizontal Optical Comparator

We have chosen a leader in the field of optical comparators with Deltronic and the powerful DH216. Deltronic has provided us with a solution for countless applications. Our optical comparator lets us set the standard for quality, dependability, and value. Our complete line up of quality control equipment offers the flexibility to accommodate our customers needs.

Deltronic DH216 Comparator
Deltronic DH216 Comparator Dimensions

Quality Testing Assurance Service Area

Rowe Dynamics Inc. can provide Quality Testing Assurance Services to organizations throughout the U.S. and the World.

Benefits of Rowe Quality Test Assurance

  • Increased Quality - improves on time delivery reliability and increases production output with fewer defects.
  • Increased Efficiency - proper project management allows us to ensure our competitive edge and keeps our customers happy.
  • Increased Responsiveness - streamlined processes making better products and solutions for our customers.